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I'm slowly making my way through more than 3000 deviations that have piled up in my message center. There are more than 200 Journal Stacks.  Catching up with dA after being gone for a while is some serious work...

Anyway, I do feel like getting back for a bit. In the recent months, a lot of stuff happened (I guess not only in my life). The short version: in March and April, we (mosaicked and me) had our very first exhibition in the real world. Yes, our pieces of work are very different, but actually that provided a nice contrast - her wonderfully drawn and rather colorful works and my pretty dark and often bleak pictures (which were a pain to print out...). Albeit the exhibition was small and still quite a bit of work, it was a new experience and definitely very interesting.
Also, in April I have started a full-time 'job' (actually it is more of an internship) in a research facility, the Austrian Institute of Technology - indeed, it is not a coincidence that this reminds you of the Massachusetts  Institute of Technology, it is the famous model for my working place. There I spend a lot of my time looking at data and trying to interpret it or teach the computer how to work with - I like the term 'Machine learning'. It is also the first time I really appreciate the methods of statistics, which are pretty awful theoretically, but immensely useful in applications.
Besides that, I'm getting serious about finally finishing my studies at the Technical University of Vienna. This fall, I hope...

The problem about all that - these three things somehow drained most of my creative energy. During the past months I almost never felt the urge to create something (there's been one sad occasion, which led to a picture I'll probably upload the following days...). Neither did I really want to see what other people did and thus spend little to no time on this site. But, I guess it's just one of these downs everyone experiences in a while. And the mood is rising again. So, enough about that, let's see if it really works out. It was time to change my journal anyway!

How has everyone been? Your plans for the summer, which has already begun? (It's getting too hot for me already...)
If you're still there and watching, listening, lurking... ;)
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...soon I'll be on my way. See you in a week, with the next journal and some stories from the city of Gaudi :)

...and here I am again.

Now, wait. I've been away one week and it is quite a bit later already. I apologize for the delay, right after coming back I've been busy and right after being busy I was / and am sick. Nevertheless, let me tell you a bit about my journey.

We, that is :iconmosaicked:, :iconlebkuchen: and :iconsothis27:, stayed in a nice little apartment near the beautiful Parc Guell. Yes, we found it on the internet and it worked very well - even though our host didn't really (say, not at all) speak english. The conversation was difficult but in the end, todo esta OK!.

Barcelona is a nice city, seen from the mathematical perspective. Its newer parts are laid out in a geometrical way (all the buildings are "square blocks", seen from above), with a loooong street (the aptly named Diagonal) crossing the whole city diagonally. Other important streets, such as the Ramblas, lead to the sea and as you can guess, we tried to see as much as possible in the limited time we had.

Note: Barcelona isn't cheap, when it comes down to one of the basic things mankind needs - food. Well, if you're cooking yourself it seems to be ok (although they probably haven't invented brown-bread yet) but not so if you want to go to a restaurant. Everything is expensive and to get a typical Paella means you'll pay your price for it...

We walked a lot around in the City but some of the highlights include seeing Barcelona from above - we did that from many directions, actually, since there are quite a few high places to visit there. The Parc Guell, one of "Gaudi's" Parks, offers a nice view from the north towards the sea (even more so the Tibidabo - but that's one of the few things we didn't see), while the Montjuic (with a castle and BIG GUNS on top) is near to the port and offers a nice view from the south and of the sea. Then we were below Christoph Columbus (or at least his sculpture on top of a huge pillar, right at the port) and eventually, seeing the city from the Palau Nacional, at night, with the Magic Fountain glowing in all colors, is definitely a great experience. Very "Independence Day-ish", actually...(you'll know what I mean if you search for some night pictures of the place).

Note: I don't want to sound rude, but some of the sounds in Barcelona were awful. What? Well, you know, the sound which is played when a train departs and closes its doors - while it isn't particularly nice in Austria, in Barcelona it's simply a cacophony of horror. But other than that, the metro is clean and we didn't really experience a breakdown.

In general, the typical Barcelonesian (inhabitant of Barcelona) is tidy and wears nice clothes - we haven't seen ANYONE in rags, as you can easily do in some well visited places of vienna. But we got to know another kind of weird "beggarship" - people who sell bags, glasses, jewelry, spread out on a white linen which is well prepared to pack up quickly - in case the police is coming. Because then they run as fast as they can...(we had a close encounter of such a kind in the metro - undercover agents arrested some fleeing people and it all happened right beside me, while I was waiting for the door to the metro >XD ).

Overall, Barcelona is a nice city and definitely worth a trip. In some places it is quite stereotypical and "small", with narrow streets, balconies overhanging them, people chatting from balcony to balcony and a lot of small shops to buy your daily stuff (very much like our "greislers", for the austrian speaking people here). On the other hand, Barcelona offers some grand views and splendid buildings, spread out in the whole city. Oh, and it's hot - for those of you who like it that way (we often had around 35°C) - on the last day, when we went to the beach (which is very neat and tidy for a citybeach - but forget about getting something to eat there, the restaurants at the beaches seem to be the most expensive ones), it actually rained - but not even that could lower the temperatures.

Important Note: If you want something rather cheap but really good for lunch - get a Hotdog at one of the many little stands in the Port.

Of course, I could tell you a week long what we did - but I guess it's better to stop here and go back to bed ;)
Go and see it for yourself, if you ever get the chance to. It's surely worth it :)


And on a last side note - Metroid: Other M is quite what I expected. That is, very disappointing. Poor Samus, now you're really a blonde-hair chick and not a real Chozo Warrior anymore.
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...soon I'll be on my way. See you in a week, with the next journal and some stories from the city of Gaudi :)
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Sooo...actually it's been a week again, since I came back from London on last Friday. I went there for 6 days (with a friend of mine who knows London pretty well, having visited the city for 6 times already), for a short but fine trip. Let me tell you what I saw and did...


We stayed in a youth hostel, cheap and fair. Nothing fancy, pretty small, but cheap - and for sleeping there only, it was fine. It was near King's Cross, too, which means it's easy to reach (Public Transport in London seems to work pretty well, it's a bit expensive maybe). Upon arrival, we immediately went out to see the Buckingham Palace and a bit of Green Park. Since it was getting late already, we decided to find something to eat - and so we did, in Soho. Afterwards to Picadilly Circus, the bright center of London...

Note: Great Britain doesn't really have a special cuisine, right? Therefore, I don't feel bad for having eaten at "non english" Restaurants all the time, like Indian, Asian or Italian Restaurants (and even McDonalds, I admit it). BUT - I had my portion of Fish and Chips and english Breakfast, so I guess I didn't really miss anything.

The next day (Monday) we already left London - to visit Brighton. What's so special about that small city? It's on the Coast! Which means, I have seen the sea (or rather "The Canal")! For the first time in years...beautiful. Later on, we went to Camden Market (a weird...collection of weird stores...with weird [and all kinds of] goods) and visited Camden Town a bit.

Note: Nearly EVERY single shop near Camden Market has a Tattoo Studio or is searching for Tattooists. Great Job opportunities if you happen to be one.

On Tuesday I went into the great city alone. Only to lose myself. Well, first I saw the Tower and all that jazz (Crown Jewels). THEN I wanted to cross Tower Bridge and I KNEW, if I turned right, I would get there. But, I decided to turn left and head for...somewhere. I just followed the path and went into London's Business Center, City of London. Many busy people there, I was rather a lonely tourist (nice skyscrapers there! And Leadenhall Market - if you know The Imaginarum of Dr. Parnassus, the beginning was shot there). BUT: a childhood's dream came true. I found Lloyd's Building by mere accident - and I was happy. Always wanted to see that in reality...
I did find my way back and went on to go along the Thames, over the Tower Bridge, towards Tate Modern. Great museum! Then along the Thames again - the London Eye is pretty BIG! - and on to Westminster (my God, I saw and heard the BIG BEN), up Whitehall and towards Picadilly Circus again. Great, but exhausting day.

On Wednesday I visited Oxford. A must as a student. The City itself seems rather...made for studying (charming but nothing really spectacular), it offers two nice museums (saw a great Steampunk exhibition) and many colleges, a ruin of a castle...but that seems to be it. Well, I WAS THERE. (And I ate Fish and Chips there - much cheaper than in London, actually.) Back in London I visited Baker Street (yeah, Baker Street 221, Sherlock Holmes Home) and got lost again, this time following the signs towards Lord's Cricket Ground.

Note: "getting lost" means I found my way using my map after just walking randomly around for a while...

Thursday was the second day alone: and another exhausting one. I was really done for, after visiting St. James Park and watching the Changing of the Guard at Buckingham Palace, seeing 3 museums (Science, Natural History and Victoria & Albert - the latter one is FREAKING HUGE, and everything for free!), the Imperial College, Royal Albert Hall, walking through Hyde Park, visiting Harrods, looking at St. Pauls and Westminster Abbey, walking through China Towns (the density of Asian restaurants there is absolutely ridicolous - there is nothing else but asian restaurants---everywhere!)...and paying a lot at a local Pub for a simple Burger. I mean, come on, 9 pounds for a cheeseburger?

Friday was the last day already -  I saw a tiny bit of the British Museum (nice architecture!) and the National gallery (another awesome collection of paintings). Up to Leicester Square and back to the Hostel and onwards to Heathrow. There, after some last minute action at the airport, the trip ended in Vienna again...and was over pretty damn quick.

Note: London is still getting much prettier. There are tons of "Improvement Works", e.g. repairs of the Tubelines (the subway), buildings, monuments...I concluded: almost every important building seems to be in need of repairs in London. Nice for the city but rather disappointing for tourists and photographers.

That's pretty much everything for now. I was really glad to get some other breakfast again (Toast EVERY day can be...boring) and to sleep again. I was a pretty hardcore tourist, maybe it doesn't show here but I mostly walked all day around (getting up at 7 AM) and that IS exhausting. So, no exciting nightlife adventures only being in the hostel, writing down what I did, chatting with the people there and going to bed.
Actually I wanted to see Greenwich, too...but I didn't have the time to =/ (and Madame Toussaud's, and The London Dungeon, and and and...)


Note: This week I saw the new Sherlock Holmes Movie. It was...funny to see the places I just saw in reality on the big screen. I WAS THERE =D


Other than that: Life's going on. Nicely. ;)  Just need to do more for the university, finishing my studies in a year or something. And do more creative stuff, I'm currently fighting a lot with some 3D and rendering programms for various technical reasons. Which is not really funny, but necessary and I'm learning a lot about the software I use. So, don't expect results soon...they will come, though.
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So, to start with:

Have a merry Christmas and a happy new year!

Again, it's been a while since I last posted something or was really active here on dA. I apologize to everyone who expected some messages, answers or comments from me and didn't get them. In the last few weeks I just didn't feel like spending much time here or anywhere else online, for a couple of reasons.


Good, let's leave the gloominess behind. I'm looking forward to next few days, which is quite unusual. Christmas was not really a peaceful or wonderful feast the last few years, as it is "supposed to be". Same goes for New Year's Eve. Until last year, this was a dreaded celebration for me - I was either sick, had no one to celebrate with (due to unlucky reasons) or just had a boring evening.
I do like the time of the year and it has its charms (the clear, cold nights, the snow, the warm houses, the hot punches, the hope for "change"...), it just didn't work out.

This year is going to be different, I believe. I think it will be a time to remember... :)
I guess I made my peace with 2009. It's been an interesting year, no doubt.


Creativity is back as well. I don't really care so much about the results at the moment (of course I do, but not that much, probably, as I used to), it's rather the PROCESS of being creative that interests me. Trying out new things is much more fun that way. Some new piece is nearly finished and new ideas are ready for cooking in my kitchen of creativity. Time to get them done, learn new techniques and improve my skills :)


There's been a nice question recently on the dA Polls - how do you think about other people's works? Inspiration or Intimidation? Do you care about them? Do they influence you or your work?

If anyone feels like discussing that, It'd be nice.
Personally, I definitely do feel inspired by other works more than I feel intimidated. Probably because I do have a somewhat..."healthy" self confidence. I do know that I'm far from the level of true masters but still I think I don't feel like a beginner anymore. Good works tend to be intimidating at first but soon I feel the urge to try it myself...step by step, if it's not possible all at once.


And one last thing:
Do it like me, sit back and just enjoy the ride. :)
(At least as good as possible...)
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Ever noticed that little dancing smiley that occurs every time dA is too slow to load some of its content? On my computer dA even seems to hang sometimes while loading emoticons or stuff like that (or new pages in a gallery). And so it dances and dances and dances...that cute little fella.

Back to serious business. Summer's over and life at University starts again. Not quite sure what kind of lectures I'm going to take, it's the usual chaos at the beginning of a new semester. Actually organizing the lectures is the one big step to have a successful semester. The second step is taking exams, but that is the easier one (uh, what? Maybe not ;) ).
So, I'm currently learning some pretty cool stuff. If you ever have a lot of men and women (more than only 1 of each) who love each other and want to marry each other, yet you want them to be as happy as possible without too many fights (ex.: Ms. A who is married to Mr. D loves Mr. B more than Ms. C, who is married to Mr. B and Ms. C loves Mr. D more than Mr. B - a really bad situation!) - call me. I know the right way to arrange this.
By the Power of Mathematics!

I'm also going to work as Tutor for Information Theory Students. I'm going to show them the wonderful world of mathematics. More than 30% probably won't survive the trip (and drop out before the semester ends) but I'll do my best to keep as many as possible ;)

Anyone else back to "work"? (yeah, a lot of you, as I know, but I still ask ;P )

Summer's been short again, even though it is really long, actually. Turned 22, had some nice days, some nice trips, some nice anime conventions, some nice gaming parties, some nice dvd nights, some nice meals, some nice experiences, read some nice books and watched some nice movies - and got my hair cut (ah, it's somehow short!)...but for now, it's over again. I like Winter, too, so it's okay.

I haven't done anything...creative, though, for a long time. The reasons are simple: too many thoughts, too many obstacles and too less dedication. Touhou Project just takes so much out of me... :) (these games are among the hardest you'll ever find - if you want a challenge, try them, really).

So, yeah, what a boring journal. But that's what a journal is, most of the time, right? I shall try to keep you updated more regularly again, with less boringness. However, lying in bed, I was rather...bored myself...
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Ah, it's been a busy week. I just came back from the very first international event (yes, there were some people from germany, great britain and sweden so it does count as "international") that I personally organized, with some of my buddies from Kasu ( - It's "my" club for traditional japanese games located in Vienna, I'm currently the vice-chairman there).
Today we had our second Mahjong Tournament and it was FUN! But a lot of work, I can tell you. But I do hope everyone had a good time, we tried our best to make it a successfull tournament.
Personally I'm quite satisfied with the outcome - the same goes for the gaming experience. I placed 7th (out of 20). and played pretty well, even though a tad too stupid sometimes ;) But it's alright, I'm glad the day is over and I'm happy that it went as smoothly as it did! :w00t:

But let's look at the days before that...
Did you ever consider going to an anime convention? Or something similar?
Last Weekend I was at the Maconvention near Linz. It's the second biggest Anime Convention in Austria and did help there by presenting traditional japanese games for "my" club Kasu (yeah, kasu is everywhere - KAAASUUUUU). It was fun!
Highlights include the ride to our hostel on saturday in Votaris's rather small car (we were 4 big guys and the lady driving...every curve was a delight and the slope at the end of our cruise a real thrill - CAN WE DO IT? Yes we could...She showed us her driving skills and brought us home safely.)
There were also two bands playing, Trill Dan, a japanese...Rock band and Lolita Complex, an austrian...Rock band. The first concert was fun, but both had real huge problems concerning the sound - one of the downlights of the whole weekend were the technical problems. They led to a lot of delays. Next year they hopefully know how the handle the equipment.
Many good cosplayers there, too. I tell you, many. It seemed to me like more than 50% of the visitors there had some kind of cosplay, some interesting Yoko's, some interesting characters nobody knew (or I didn't know ;) ) and some please-I-can't-see-them-anymore characters. Everyone found something for their tastes, I guess.
The programm was nice and they tried to make it interesting, but the main highlight were the people there, no doubt. Met a lot of old friends and new interesting people. And I won the 3D "contest", as you all surely know :D (see my recent deviation for the entry). The contest only had two entries but still...

Oh, on Thursday I had an interesting experience as well. Went to an open air cinema at the top of the main library in Vienna. You know, during the day it was REALLY hot. 37°C and more. Weather forecast said "yeah, the weather during the night will be fine, most likely". So, off we went to see Monty Python's "Life of Brian". I haven't seen that movie in full length, yet, and as you can imagine, I didn't have the chance to this time, either.
After about the first half of the movie, the sky suddenly went cloudy. Lightnings were visible earlier already but they were far away. Now the closed in on us. The wind (or rather the storm) nearly tilted the projection area (and it would have done so, eventually, if the organizers hadn't reacted soon). Suddenly it started to rain. Heavily, it was quite  a downpour. In the whole city the rain and hail did quite some damage (we were lucky not to get into the really heavy hail...). So, after running for some enclosed space we were completely soaked. Completely, some people even started to undress before going outside again.
Nice! Riding home was fun and cold. And that after the hottest day of the year =D (if it wasn't for the money and the fact, that I'll probably never see the ending of the movie, it was a fun evening, though.)

So, remember kids: NEVER trust the weather forecast, not even for the next 2 hours.

...a rather long journal, but it shall be enough for now...
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Especially for non-Austrians:
What do you think about if you hear about "Austria"?

No need to answer the above question here, you can just answer it for yourself or read through that. But if you want to, I'd love to hear something.

Actually the topic is not really Austria here, anyway...
I saw the Movie "Brüno" a few days ago, by Sascha Baron Cohen. He tries to play a gay austrian fashion...ah, fashion guy (can't really say what he should be) but actually it's quite funny, as an austrian, to see someone fail totally at trying to be austrian. If I saw the film without knowing what he was supposed to be, apart from the german language he's trying to speak (he isn't - his german is so weird, it's actually impossible to understand sometimes, and I never heard something even remotely similar to his favorite swearword "Santzgaut"), I would never guess it should portray a Man from Austria. I expected that he at least tried to fulfill some of the typical cliches but he didn't. Well, interesting.

So...actually the movie is not totally bad or something, some parts are quite shocking because they are just awful and so-over-the-top, others are shocking because the people in front of the camera are just...incredible...

But to sum it up - Austria does not only have Fritzl, Bruno and Mozart, it also has Kangaroos. Not. Quite a collection for Austria, which " is a too small country to do good doping" (citation by one of the heads of the austrian skiing federation after a positive doping result during the olympic games 2006).
And I just wanted to express my feelings toward the movie - actually there are no hard ones, since it seems he just wrote the character portrait and then picked his land of birth at random. It's funny to see Austria in a prominent role in a big Production, though. I just hope everyone is bright enough not to take everything seriously that comes from hollywood ;)

(I also saw Transformers 2 recently, which is quiiiite a fun movie. I just love, love,
love the animations, these robots are animated godly. And Optimus Prime is awesome! <3 )

Now for something completely different. Some updates on life.
Next week there's a 3D contest at an anime convention in Linz, which I take part in. I finished the image...well, I didn't really finish it. Which sucks. I noticed quite a few mistakes or not-that-good textures, the composition is plain bad, I didn't have the time to choose a nice tone mapping and it isn't even rendered properly. Oh well, I hate deadlines...(you shall see the image in due time, though.)

I'm so waiting for the new Dream Theater CD. I ordered it a few days ago, but it still isn't here. Hmmmm...

Eden of the East is a great show...short, crisp, weird, too short in many ways but the opening is fantastic (the Anime is made by Production IG - who, as you'll surely know, also produced the Ghost in the Shell SAC Series, Serei no Moribito and others...they KNOW how to do good stuff) and the main theme is, as usual, thought provoking:
Imagine you'd get 10 000 000 000 Yen (thats 108 300 000 USD or 77 651 107,8 Euro) and a Phone which can make anything happen, as long as you have enough money to pay for it.
WHAT would you do to make the world (or at least one country) a better place?

And right now I'm waiting for some updates about the BIGGEST Super Smash Bros Melee Tournament held in a few years - Genesis. A young, european Boy called Armada is there and kicking some american...pros. He's top 3 already. Amazing...(yeah I sit here for quite some time already and watch the news posted about it...I'm hyped >XD )
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Life's really crazy. The strangest things happen at times you'd never expect them to...
Coming home past midnight, after a nice walk home (haha, I missed the last bus that night by exactly 50 meters), turning on the computer...logging in. Writing a reply...and suddenly noticing that there's a crazy number of messages in the message center. What the...however, it did not happen for the first time. Excitement starts to grow and slowly it dawns upon me...

I received my 5th Daily Deviation yesterday.
Really, I'd have never thought to ever get one again and once again I'm honored and grateful. To all of you who follow my path for quite a while now and to all of you who appreciate the stuff I do. To joannastar for featuring it.

...actually, I don't have much more to say. Sometimes you just can't describe how you feel, so I'll just leave it at that. :)
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Jeez, I'm getting really lazy with journals nowadays..., recently I've been thinking a lot. More than usually, even (whoa!). Probably induced by all the stuff I'm doing at the moment, all the stuff I'm hearing about, reading about, the things I'm watching.

Everyone knows Faust and the questions involved. But I really have to mention Code Geass here. Like Death Note, if considered seriously, leaving all the unnecessary plot twists and character relationships outside, the whole concept of the series is really interesting, thought provoking. I recommend it to anyone into Anime, even if Mecha Anime are not your thing. It is way too simple sometimes and does not feel as "real" as Death Note does, but nevertheless, it gets you thinking (but the fanservice gets a bit...annoying).

The other thing I saw recently was Ghost Hound (it was produced by Ryutaro Nakamura, Shirow Masamune, Hiromasa Ogura and Production IG and if you know me and consider that some of these guys made Lain and Ghost in the Shell, you know that this show was a must see). Along with a lecture by Rupert Sheldrake I heard a few weeks ago (about Morphic Resonance and Morphogenetic Fields), it was another show with a lot food for thought. What, you want to know what Morphogenetic Fields are? Well, then....I can't really tell you. It's like a "memory of the universe", everything that is done gets recorded somehow and if it is done again, someday, somewhere, it is easier to do because it was done once already. Like, you study for an exam and your friend learns the same stuff afterwards. Then it should be easier for him to learn, because you already studied the same things before him. yes, it is that weird, and it is not even stopping here - in theory, this theory should apply to everything, even the creation of matter.

And then there are these profound mysteries of Mathematics. Honestly, I feel sad not to be able to tell HOW profound they are but let me tell you - actually they're quite mind blowing. The more you get into it, the less you understand, as it seems. The good thing is, you don't really need to solve them in order to live a good life.

Bah, let's leave that aside now. One question:
Since you've been here on dA, do you think your art has changed in a major way? Or do you still do the same stuff the same way you always did the last few years? (No offense intended here!)

And yeah, I should get on with it and upload some new stuff, I think (if there was some). I really should. Or tell you about the fun stuff I've done in the last few weeks and so on, like watching Pokemon and stuff like that (yeah, really - I was a great player, long years ago >XD ).
But for now this will have to do...
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Day 1581.
Time 21:24.34, Day 61 of the Year 2009. Exactly 59 days since last Report. Nothing unusual happening. Made 4001st Post. Continuing life. Starting new Report to the rest of the world.

Okay, sorry for the introduction, I just felt like doing it after I saw that I made my 4001st comment today. I do spend too much on this website, probably :D

How's everyone doing?
A new semester started here and a lot of new mathematical (and other :D ) adventures are awaiting me. Like Modeltheory, Analytic Number Theory, Brain Modeling, Artificial Intelligence and Automated Reasoning or Counting all sorts of things (called Combinatorics, if you want to sound all pro). Yeah, counting IS hard after takes mathematicians to do it :D
And it's quite a (NP hard, probably - solving it would get you one million Dollar, so try it) hard problem to come up with a nice schedule, when like all of the lectures you want to do happen at exactly the same time, in the same universe and dimension. Which makes it in not *impossible* to attend both, just very unlikely. Still, I have to make my choice, as it seems...unlikely things happen very rarely after all.

January was full of stress while February was quite different. I thought a lot about stuff and things and came up with no solution - seeing problems where there are none, most likely. Nevertheless, I also used the time to be very creative and work on my skills, as I have promised to do. You'll see one result soon. And I was immediately inspired to do something else, something which happened not very often in the last few months. Feels good. After that, there's yet another project to finish, one I thought it would be one of those project to die a long, slow and painful death...but I won't let that happen, it's too good after all <3

Also, Blender's new tools and additions make it even better to work with. And it's so exciting to see how all the new features for 2.5 are implemented. Makes you feel more than a user, actually. I just adore this piece of software, it really shows what people can do in their free time, given enough motivation. Good stuff.

On a side note, I also feel that I'm getting the hang of playing ehm...not that bad Mahjong. Been experimenting and discovering a lot of things recently. Really a fascinating game, as simple as it is.

And there's something else...I've been tagged like...twenty years ago (it's more like one month, but still). Well, let's do it. I'm not going to obey the rules, by the way...only 1 and 2.
1. Post these rules.
2. Each tagged person must post 8 things about their self on their journal.
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Alpha) I love, love science in general. I want to understand how the world works.
Beta) I love pieces of Music which challenge the listener.
Gamma) Marzipan is called Marzipan in english and in german and I love it :D As well as chocolate raisins.
Delta) I love sleep, but sleep too little to celebrate that.
Epsilon) Winter > Spring > Autumn > Summer.
Zeta) I love to see how people develop and grow. Not physically, but in the things they do. Art, Videogames, Mahjong, Maths, whatever.
Eta) I always try to make things perfect. Too much, maybe.
Theta) YES I know the greek alphabet.
Iota) I wonder: what is a Noble Mood. And how does the smiley match it? It's cool, though :D (oops, that was number nine...)

I guess it was a boring tag? Well, if so, just ask another question and I MIGHT answer it. Maybe! Go ahead and try it ;P

Report end. Eating Chocolate. Over and out.
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...flying cars, houses in the sky, robots who pass the Turing Test, medical revolutions, no more pollution and clean energy sources...

...wait, it's already 2009 and nothing changed? Bah...what's all the fuzz about, then?

New Year's Eve is certainly not among my favorite celebrations but hey, I hope you had a nice one! Much more important is that you have a good year 2009!
It's always good to have a time of the year when you do a little thinking, about the things which happened to you in the last few months, to consider your life and see, if you "like" what happened or if you think you "need to change" something. Or at least try it.

So, what do I think? Hmmm...aaah, whatever, almost everything is great, going fine, only some minor turbulences ahead but they are what I call "life". I need to get around them, I guess.

I do have some plans though, artwise. I seriously want to refine my skills in 3D and this will be a huge project. I'm going to do more "Studies" from now on, Training pieces, and I well need your feedback to get better and learn new things.
Without your support, I wouldn't be here but without your support, I will also stay where I am. Thank you for everything but please keep it up ;)

Well, it's still wonderful to reconsider the times here at dA, though, the site might have some serious problems but on the other hand, it's a magnificent place with great people around, so I'm looking forward to a good year and (despite all of the worldwide crises - optimism is what we need, at least a bit!)...
Wish you all the best for 2009!

The Future is now! :D
(And what about you? Great plans for the new year? Mind to share?)
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  • Playing: ...with numbers... you still remember me? I guess not, I was really busy all the time and when I was not busy, I was too lazy to do a new journal thingey. So here's a little abridged version of what happened the last few weeks...

Of course, a new semester at the university and it's almost over again! I was so foolish to believe that I could try to do courses on Biology besides the lectures and courses I do on mathematics.
But let me tell you, maths is like a very jealous lover (or something like that, not that I have too many experiences with that :D ) - she does not let you go, occupies you all the time, wants to be played with and is always in your head. And therefore I can only do some elementary but important lectures on Chemistry, Physics, Statistics (all of them necessary for working in a laboratory next semester) and on Genetics and Molecular Cellbiology. I do the latter ones mostly for, ah, fun...but they are interesting and I'll need them one day, when I try to tackle the big mystery sitting in our own head - the human brain ;P

But well, Maths is not only a jealous, but also a wonderful lover (yeah, I am weird >XD [don't take it too seriously, though ]).
Analysis of Algorithms is FUN!
Eventually we learn methods to bring down the most monstrous beasts of finite and infinite Sums I have faced in my study of advanced mathematics. Or to count the things you have never dreamed of (remember - you can count just about everything...).
Might seem strange to you but honestly, some of the methods we learn there are extremely powerful...
Number Theory is FUN!
Because the Professor is just a cool guy, some sort of "priest of mathematics". You should see him when he speaks of the beauty of mathematical proofs and theorems, it's like he he glows from within with joy...
Forcing is FUN!
But also extremely hard and strange and abstract and...just wow. Cohen, who thought of all that stuff, must have been crazy, honestly. But a genius (like many others in the field of mathematical Logic).

Enough of that stuff - other than that:
Would like to play Mahjong more regularly, especially now that a Tournament is coming up in Vienna. I want to play my best there but without Training it's going to be hard...

Artwise I'm playing a bit with photorealism. Some new piece is already more or less done, I'm just not sure what to do with it - it's a bit of an experimental piece, testing the unbiased rendering engine Indigo - again. But this time with a new kind of setting, you shall see...
I'm quite inspired to do new things at the moment, but little time...

On a side note:
Netbook or Subnotebook (up to a 13 inches display)? Your opinion is asked for! Help me a netbook enough for your small, daily office needs? Is it too slow or just right for little programming stuff and writing documents in Tex? I guess so but...I'm not sure...

So, that's it for now. Not enough space or time or patience to write about everything but the most important thing is probably, that life is hard, but not bad. I shall be content ;)
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Oh, a new journal entry! Awesome!

First off I want to say thanks for the feature and the interview @
Yes, I actually had to answer some questions and I do think it might be an interesting read for someone who is interested in my work...or the background of it. Look here (scroll down a bit...look for "3D Artist of the Week"):…

Hehe, summer is almost over again, I turned 21 a few days ago, the AniNite, the biggest Anime and Manga Convention here in Austria took place this weekend, won a 3D competition at the Maconvention (with my latest piece, link  - I even had to say something on the stage, to all of the people there...oh well...but I got nice prices as well, like a Ghots in the SHell II DVD and the complete series of Full Metal Panic...among other things), travelled around a bit, placed 5th in the first international Riichi Mahjong Tournament held in Austria...and enjoyed my holidays ;)
Well, and even though I did almost nothing for the university, I really didn't get bored. Most of the time I was busy with something, even if it was only relaxing after a weekend in Salzburg, Linz or Graz (believe it or not but relaxing after a holiday is sometimes really necessary...especially after the maconvention, where I was working for the Kasu-club [devoted to traditional japanese games - except Go]...).

So, I'm not going to bore you with the details...BUT I have got a new computer. A nice little quadcore, with enough RAM and other good ingredients so that my old one could be replaced, finally. After all, it is now about 2 1/2 years old and it was about time to get something new. Now there shouldn't be a problem anymore with my new scene...

Yep, right, I have started a new project. This year I'm especially slow and I personally can't really say why. I have a lot of ideas and concepts in my mind and I even have MOST of the necessary skills to accomplish the task to realize them. Yet, the motivation is gone sometimes. Well, that's not entirely true - I AM motivated to WORK but I am NOT motivated to think about the work. And that's absolutely necessary when I start a new piece - a good concept, even if it's only a picture in my mind is mandatory. Without such a starting point it surely isn't going to be finished.
Therefore this new project (a huge one, actually...) doesn't have a good start. Although I do think the concept is good and nice, I'm not totally satisfied with the architecture (oh, yes, it's going to be about architecture...). Ahhh, I hate that feeling that something isn't perfect (or as good as I can do - perfection is far beyond my abilities)...
Nevertheless, I'll force myself to go on and work on it, hopefully the project will develop when I'm working enough. Even if it isn't going to be my best one, I shall learn to move on even if I'm not 100% motivated. There's a lot of work to do so I better get going...even now I begin to worry about the phases to come, even if I'm only at the beginning for now.

Still, ranting does not help...I have to accept it ;)

By the way, who else thinks that Super Smash Bros Melee is far superior to Super Smash Bros Brawl? I mean, everyone can play Brawl, you don't really need a lot of skill anymore to get "good". Boring.
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Gnihihi, holidays! What a wonderful feeling :D
Well, actually, as a busy student, always trying to move forward with his studies, I actually have to take exams during the following weeks, so I can't be totally lazy. However, there are no lectures and therefore I do have some more free time, don't worry.
So, it's been quite an interesting semester, full of mathematical adventures and dramatic plot twists (well, not really but you get the idea).

Now, what happened the last few weeks? As usual, quite a bit. A short summary: played a lot of Mahjong, had a totally awesome lecture (about...well..."shape and void"...but actually it was about something totally different or rather about nothing particular at all. It was an "experiment" with ourselves...for me it was a successfull one and lots of fun.), went to two local Anime Conventions (the AniLite and the Made in Japan - both were nice but nothing spectacular, the first one was really a small one while the second has a lot of potential for the future...I was there explaining mahjong and stuff, so I actually had to "work" while I was there. But again, it was fun!), played Snooker again (after a loooong time), had some exams (which went surprisingly good, everyone freaked out because the questions were so...unexpected but luckily I still managed to get a very decent mark ;) ), one exam was cancelled because the prof became sick (which sucks, especially because you have learned a lot already and wanted to get it over with), watched some football matches on the TV (after all, the European Football championship was held in Austria and Vienna was one of the "Host Cities" were matches were played. It was quite noticeable, with a lot of fans from foreign countries riding the public transport, blocking my way to the university...ah, whatever, it is over again and overall it did not trouble me that much, so...) and did other stuff as well...

Now onto the more exciting things: the plans for summer.

If I had some.

But as usual, I have no big plans, there are some conventions coming up (Maconvention on 25th-27th of July, AniNite end of august)...but nothing big, nothing amazing. But I'm happy with that, during summer I'm always lazy and that way I can eventually relax after the busy time of the semester and prepare for another one. There are some things that I want to get done, like getting a new computer (I mean, I have only 1 GB RAM and not even a dual core cruel!), polishing up my Riichi Mahjong Skills (there will be small tournament in Summer with international Players...and I'm going to attend. It will be quite interesting to see how "professional amateurs" [even if something like that does not exist] play.), reading lots of books, playing lots of Video Games (Okami! A great game, with nice visuals and a catchy story...and of course, the long awaited Super Smash Bros Brawl! I know the game already, since I have played with friends already but still, to own this game and play it more regularly is something entirely different. Need some serious training to see if the game mechanics are as slow and boring as they seem on the first few games. It's really kinda weird, it seems quite similar to melee in terms of characters and general gameplay but the details are totally new. The game is so slow, it's...when you get back to Melee, it's like a Game at double speed. Damage behaviour and Knockback is so strange as well...and the balancing way off, in some cases, at least they did not make it more balanced than Melee. Just look at Snake...
So yeah, there's a lot to analyze about that game and I actually think that it is not able to get on the same level as its predecessor Melee. We will see...)
and, first off all, getting some art projects done.

I have been really lazy about art lately, but that is also due to a project that I started back in Winter and still haven't finished. It's for a contest on the aforementioned Maconvention ( a good idea to make a 3D contest, by the way) and I fear that I'm not going to be able to finish it to my absolute satisfaction...and that is just awful for me. You'll see the entry soon, I'll upload it here as well (it's more or less finished, I need to render out all of the parts but my computer is working on it, right this very moment). But the rest of my plans won't materialize, I fear...Still, you shall see it soon. And after that I eventually want to start something new, I already have some ideas (I actually have A LOT of ideas) but since this things needs to be finished next week...I never got around to actually make something out of these ideas.

So, there you have it (although I'm sorry for such a long, meaningless journal). What are your plans?

PS: I'm going to see Kung Fu Panda soon. It looks so awesome...just like Wall-E. These guys at the big studios get better and better as well...

PPS: Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei is really weird!

PPPS: Kafka's Books as well, but I'm fascinated by them.
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...despite my attempts to make my journal entries more regularly...well, I guess you could say it was a total failure :D
Also, at the moment it seems like my account was a bit dead. It certainly isn't, but old journals, no new artworks...well, one could easily believe it was.

My excuse?
Aaah, well. Lots of tons of stuff going on...

University - very time consuming. I knew it would be an intensive semester and, well, it sure is. But I can tell you: it's also quite an interesting one.
Goedel's Incompleteness Theorem is even more fascinating than I thought. The proof is...well, I'd say the work of a genius. In fact you can say that the main idea is the following: given a language in which you can speak about natural numbers, construct a formula that is stating the following: "I can not be proved."
So, if the formula is false, it can be proved but this is impossible since things that you find a proof for are always true. Hence, it must be true - and you have found a formula that is true but for which you can not find a proof. Your system is incomplete.
(Anyone familiar with maths will know that this concept is way too simple...and not correct, as it is written here. But it should do to explain the main concept...)
Amazing, isn't it! :D
Ah, yes, but that is only one of the cool things we do...I'm getting a bit into the philosophy of maths, in a lecture about Constructivism in maths...quite an awkward way to do mathematics, but nevertheless I think one can learn a lot from it.
Recently there was also a mathematical conference in vienna, in which the winners of the Kurt Goedel fellowships presented their research plans (in topics like logic, settheory and their applications). Utterly interesting. Sadly it's hard to talk about that since it really needs some basic knowledge of concepts...but I was really impressed and fascinated. It's not only about the math, it's's logic. I have a feeling that this is about the very foundations of reason. Holy cow...

But besides that...
Actually there are only a few "spectacular" things happening but many "little" ones. Which are nevertheless nice. Would be boring without them ;)
(What am I talking about? Well, going to the cinema [oh, spectacular! "The counterfeiters", an austrian movie that won an Oscar Award this year. It certainly was deserved, as it is an excellent movie with a difficult for thought], playing Mahjong (really need to play it more), going to a book fair, doing other stuff...really interesting as you see, but I guess that's life. Maybe not like in the movies, with explosions, heroes and beautiful women around every corner but still - I don't want to be in the movies anyway :ahoy: )

(Remember the Lord of the Rings concert? Well, I was a bit disappointed this time, last year it was way better, if you ask real emotions this time. Bah. No inspiration...)

Also, I'm almost finished with a new piece, finally. Although, it is really not very awesome, as you'll see. It's one of those pieces that don't turn out as good as the should. Nevertheless, you'll see it in a few days. As a proof that I'm still around ;)
It was also another one of those training pieces in which I tried to discover new techniques and stuff. I wanted to work with Indigo again, this time a bit more serious. It's quite a nice rendering engine but I'm not sure if I got the hang of it already. Need to experiment more.

"11:15, restate my assumptions: 1. Mathematics is the language of nature. 2. Everything around us can be represented and understood through numbers. 3. If you graph these numbers, patterns emerge. Therefore: There are patterns everywhere in nature."
(From the movie Pi. Quite interesting one with an amazing soundtrack by Clint Mansell. Really trippy. And although I don't believe that the above statement is absolutely correct, it's still a cool one and since it was 11:15 p.m. when I wrote this...must be a coincidence ;) )
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Ah, guys...actually it's quite difficult to write about my life and stuff here, when I'm too lazy to actually keep you up to date...
It's been a while again, lotsa things happened and I'm not sure where to start nor what to write. So, I guess I'll make it short ;D

I passed the super-difficult Analysis 3 exam (this one went so extremely well, I'm still impressed that I can be that good actually :D ), the interesting Logic exam (went smooth as well) and had another exam this friday. We'll see how it works out but after these three exams I'm feeling like I need a short brake from them. Learning for them was quite intense...(VERY intense...)

A new Semester started. An intense one...with lots of lectures. Actually I chose to do them myself (mostly), so I won't complain. But still, I hope I didn't overdo it. What am I taking?
Functional Analysis, Theoretical computer science, Modeling and Simulations are the ones I ought to take this semester. Fine so far. Now on to the ones I chose myself...
Goedel's Incompleteness Theorem [One of the most astounding results of all sciences, if you ask me, one of the most intriguing theorems humans ever stated. It is eventually time to learn and understand it.]
Basics of Mathematics [About the philosophical / historical / modern thoughts and implications of Mathematics.]
Applications of mathematical Logic [The title makes the point clear, I think. Ever wondered what you might need transfinite Induction for? Non Standard Analysis maybe?]
Introduction to Biochemistry [This one's not for sure yet - but I really do hope I can hear it.]
Holistic Science [No, I don't have a clue what this is about :D But the lecturer seems cool, the title is cool, it sounds fun, so why not!]
Selected Chapters of Higher mathematical Analysis  [Yeah...sounds cool...;) ]

Phew, and on top of that I'm also doing a "course" on Zen Meditation. Something that always interested me. And I can tell you, it is definitely a new experience...

So, besides that, what's new? On Wednesday it's here again! The Lord of the Rings Symphony! The soundtrack of the movies played by a real orchester in front of you. Last year it was so extremely awesome, I'm so looking forward to it.

I'm learning to play Mahjong. I've joined a "club" that organizes events on a monthly basis, to learn and play japanese games (real games, not videogames, 'kay? ;) ). And I'm really fascinated by Mahjong, it's quite a cool game. Also, keep in mind, real Mahjong is NOT like the game on the computer...there's also a fun anime about it, called Akagi. It's really...very dramatic >XD

I've got to play Super Smash Bros Brawl a while ago! Don't ask how but it is really cool...another thing I look forward to. BUT we poor PAL- Europeans have to wait for quite a while longer until we eventually get it. Nintendo, I love you, but sometimes you make extremely stupid things that I can't understand. So sit down and get that game here ASAP!
In the meantime I'm playing around with the Virtual Console...Super Metroid is just an awesome game. Even years after it's original release, it still IS GOOD. Can you even believe that? If yes, then that should give you a hint about how good it really is and was at the time it was developed.

Artwise...well, progress has been even slower the last few weeks. My dA account seems near dead, now that I look at it. But actually I have a lot of ideas. The problem is - an animation, even a simple one, with no knowledge of animation and stuff. Eh, it's a REAL challenge. Still, I'm positive that it will be cool. It has to be. Just be patient my friends, will you? I will hopefully be able to put up some previews soon...

SO, that's it for now. Maybe I can keep you updated some more in the future. I'll try. Whatever, it's good to think about your own life from time to time, just to realize that it actually is not that bad, even if you complain all the time :) (actually, the viennese people have the PERFECT word for that: "sudern". It perfectly embodies the concept of the daily anger, the daily frustration that life comes with and that everyone has to complain about to everyone else. )
How are you guys doing, by the way?
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My, my, it's already the end of january 2008 again...Soooo...a lot of stuff happened (or not) and either way, it's time for an update, I think.

Life's not bad at the moment, last wednesday I had a huge exam (yes, analysis 3...) and while I'm still waiting for the outcome, I feel like it will be good enough. It was the second time I had to take that one since the first time, I was not really prepared for it, I admit it. But that won't happen again, I promise ;) (though, you can learn a lot, even if you miss your goals can you appreciate victory, if you never lose? Haha, wise words...)
Still, a lot of other exams are still coming up, just like at the end of every semester. I'm looking forward to the lectures I will be taking soon, though, they do sound interesting!

Despite all the stress, I found a great inspiration lately (to be precise, during new years eve, which was definitely NOT planned like that...but hey, it was a nice, new way to start into the year :D ): the third movie of Ghost in the Shell, Solid State Society.
Amazing movie, go watch it if you haven't already.
It inspired me to try myself on animation for the first time. When the time comes, you shall see what that means, but for now I have to see for myself what I can get done and if I can really reach all the goals I have with that project.
This thing will take some while, even if it will be only around one minute of animation. But let me tell you, that is already a damn load of work.

And, another thing: go and check out Blender if you haven't already. First off, it is getting more and more amazing, with extremely interesting features in the upcoming version. Even though there's no official build yet, you can check out the SVN versions with implementations of Glossy Reflections, Quasi-Monte-Carlo Ambient Occlusion (fast!), APPROXIMATIVE Ambient Occlusion (this is more than amazing and a really surprising new feature) and much more...yes, something like that is one of the main strenghts of Open Source Software - test features as they are developed and use them as soon as they are quite stable. Don't wait for official builds but try and discover the new world of Blender like right now. Great!
Ah, yes, and the second point: its integrated Sequence Editior is extremely good for making all kind of Video effects, for cutting Animations and adding sound effects. Something I have realized just recently...

Luckily there are some holidays coming up so that I can work on that some more...and maybe I can even realize some of my "goals for 2008". Like attending to more classical concerts, meeting some old friends (in progress!) and generally have an even better life. Not that it is bad, but you know...some little things could be changed, which would make a real huge difference...
It's just the will which is the problem, the laziness to leave these little things alone and just live on as usual. But no, that's not what I want to do. Someday I wanted to change them, so, why not do it today?

Ah, yes, optimism. That's me, usually. I'll make sure I won't forget about it ;)

By the way, I got a lot of books for christmas and I eventually realized that Douglas Adams is a fantabtabolous author and not only that...go read his books, if you haven't already :D
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Ah, it's that time of the year again - christmas (holidays). Despite all the aggressive marketing strategies, which intend to make you buy things nobody really needs or to make you buy a lot more things than you could actually afford and which celebrate a real feast during this time, it's still...a wonderful time. You don't have to do what they say, right?

Life at the University is as time consuming as ever. I need to take some exams early in the new year, big ones, and I do hope I can learn a good deal of the material during the following weeks. It's all about motivation...on the other hand, some projects for the ongoing semester went pretty smoothly. I have the honor to work together with one of our "geniuses" (I'm definitely not one of them ;) ) and it is actually not a bad thing for getting a good grade. But I have to say, it is looking pretty damn good. If you have ever worked in LaTeX already, you might know that it can produce very fancy looking documents pretty easily.
Also, this semester I have some quite interesting lectures, especially Logic and Complex Analysis. The first one is pretty "fundamental"...after all, everything in science and especially in Mathematics is based on logic. But actually not everyone cares about learning the essentials of the mathematical logic. Its formalisms and quite astounding results. Maybe you know Goedel's Incompleteness Theorem? If not, here it is:
We can not know everything.
Sounds simple, huh? Of course, this is not the correct form of that fundamental theorem and this statement is way too simple...but actually, not that far away from the real result. It has quite some philosophical consequences and is known as one of the most incredible results in mathematics...still, does anyone know it, besides the mathematicians? It's not really as famous as it probably deserves to be...
Ah, and complex Analysis is just beautiful, sometimes. It lets you do things which you'd have never thought to be possible. And yes, it has a lot of applications in the "real world" as well, mainly physics, where you can use its tricks to solve certain problems very easily, but which would be a pain to do them in any other way...

Other than, not much. I have not written about Metroid Prime 3 yet, have I? Oh well, there's not much to say about it, except - awesome! Not THAT EXTREMELY good as the very first Metroid Prime when it came out but a very worthy end to the epic trilogy. Inspiring (you'll see what I mean) and it definitely brought some fresh ideas into the Metroid Universe. Go and play it!
Ah, and now...Super Mario Galaxy. Another FANTASTIC game. Truly, if anyone ever says that videogames are stupid and brutal, don't believe him. If SMG is a videogame, then videogames are art, though maybe not all of them. As simple as that.

So, what about my own art...? know that feeling when you don't have the muse, the motivation to do anything while you're stressed? And when you have the time to do something, you simply can't? Not because you are not inspired but...because of something else. Your ideas block themselves. Neutralize each other, or whatever. Ah, whatever, let's see...

On a side note, I have made a Zazzle Account for selling prints (no, that's not advertisment, I really couldn't care less about the's just that I myself would like to see some of my stuff printe, so, in case you want that too...) - the problem is, somethings not working alright...if anyone has some experience with selling or buying there, mind sharing it?

Oh,  Claymore is quite an entertaining anime to watch, by the way. Blood, girls, swords, monsters. It's got everything you ever wanted to see ;)
  • Mood: Stuck
  • Listening to: Nightwish - The Poet and the Pendulum
  • Reading: Dan Simmons - The Rise of Hyperion
  • Watching: Death Note
  • Playing: Metroid Prime 3's been quite a while. A lot of stuff happened yet somehow I never had the time (or the motivation) to write something. Let's change that now, as it is a special day for me, dA-wise:

It's my third birthday!
Today, three years ago, I decided to join dA. I had just started out with 3D a few weeks before that and before I even started 3D, I mainly made Anime Wallpapers using the GIMP. Haha, that were interesting times...I did not have a clue what I was doing, when I started to take interest in Blender. You know, I never thought about pirating my way into 3D and "getting" something like 3DSMax or something from "somewhere". Therefore I searched for free Software which was capable of doing work in 3D, never really believing that I'd find something.
But somehow I came across Blender and soon everything got started...

So yeah, I owe that fine piece of code a lot.

After I joined dA, you can pretty much follow my development. I started out with those trendy tutorials, making abstract stuff but soon realized that this was nothing for me. Although those "trendwhore" abstract 3D looks pretty nice and shapes, color and composition are often well done, they never fascinated me as much as other pieces of "abstract" art do. Niteangel became one of my main sources of inspiration, for his outstanding, architectural, mechanical pieces. They ultimately defined what I wanted to achieve one day. It became clear, after some time doing 3D, that this would require a lot of effort.
Sometimes I think that people don't really have an idea what it means to do "Computer generated" images. It's not their fault of course, but if they knew, they would certainly appreciate the wondrous things a lot more, which we nowadays see in all kind of movies and films. They probably don't realize that it is NOT the computer, which does the work of creating the image - it is the artist.
Making a piece in 3D the way I do it, and I do believe that certain principles also apply for professional artists, takes time, patience, work, planning. It is not a walk through the park, you need a lot of "skills" and knowledge to make a fine piece of art with the computer. You need to know how lighting and colors work, a good understanding of the object you want to model, the proper tools (programs) and how to use is not different from traditional art.

Haha, do you think that was a rant because I feel like being ignored and not appreciated?

Then you're totally wrong.

In the past three years I was awarded with 4 Daily Deviations (the first being Machinae suggested by my dear friend Betelgeux which was quite an unbelievable is still the award I appreciate the most). I have more than 400 people who watch me, more than 20,000 people have seen my site (I just passed that mark a few days ago). I made friends, real friends. Without them, without the support of you all, I guess I'd be nowhere near where I am now. I'm more than happy with what I have achieved, the development I went through. I have learned so much and it always paid off when I got your feedback.

Once again, Thank you!

I guess there's nothing to add.

...well, there's is something else...
I have been asked to make an image of mine available as print. I'm currently looking into that and I'll probably make some other of my pieces available as well. I'm just curious if all works out and they really look good as print...hopefully I can start that experiment soon.